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Check man eyes   How do you know a person's character by his eyes. Here we can this concept be divided into 2 categories: 1- it is a man life in general, judging by its shape and color of eyes. 2 is what he was thinking in the process of communicating with you. In the first case you can and not to communicate with him, just by looking at it, even photos for example, in the second case, you need to communicate, and in the process of communication You can split the interlocutor such as whether he is sincere with you, and what he was thinking. But let's order.

 And so, the first thing we can tell the shape and color of the human eye, because they are all so different, and the like is not among It is the same as people do not have the same character. On the basis of long-term observations, psychologists came to the following conclusions:
  1. Black eyes - it means a person is very resistant to the difficulties of life and strong, purposeful, always It achieves its goal. Yes, not a gift at the time of the Mongol-Tatars seized a large area.
  2. Brown eyes - this is a very sensitive and quick-tempered people, they carefully select your circle of contacts, impermanent and witty.
  3. Dark brown eyes - is the dreamers, they tend to seclusion and very vpyachetlitelny. And as they always independent, not like when someone interferes in their affairs.
  4. Blue eyes - these people are romantics, they are emotional, sensitive and unpredictable. They have a sense of justice nadmernosti and arrogance.
  5. Blue eyes - this is a very sentimental people, they are unpredictable and persistent, have a very lively imaginative and very capricious. In addition, they are touchy and very vindictive.
  6. Pale blue eyes - it is the antithesis of sentimentality. Holders pale blue eyes, dedicated people, and more they are very emotional and sensitive to all around them psychological factors.
  7. Gray eyes - people are smart, curious and determined. They are often one-woman man, but they considered the life that lucky, always and everywhere.
  8. Dark gray eyes - a strong-willed, courageous and self-sacrificing people. They are loyal and honest, and in addition jealous and stubborn, though, and can hide the past 2 quality.
  9. Gray-green eyes - a strong and strong-willed people. On the part of others creates the belief that such people very tough and obstinate, thanks to proper and what they always achieve their goals.
  10. Green eyes - people are always sincere, loyal and reliable. Their qualities: kindness, integrity, tenderness and the hardness of their actions.
  11. Tiger eye color - it is a very rare color, such people can not tolerate being alone, skeptics in life, it is difficult to take a definite decision and stop fussing.

  And now a little about the size of the eye:
  1. Big eyes - these people always strive to become a leader, they are very courageous and sensible.
  2. Small eyes - closed a people, they are sullen, stubborn, silent.
  3. Average largest eye - and inherent part of the first and second quality.

  Now on the location of the eye:
  1. Eyes are on the same line - it's just nice people.
  2. Eyes oblique down - women imprudence, and men resolve.
  2. Eyes oblique up - personality, though vulnerable, but resolute in his actions. The woman - jealous, violent and very frivolous. Although beautiful, as a rule.

  Even something mean themselves forever. If puffy lower eyelid - this means that the life of a man and a violent desire in his strengths. If the two swollen century, a man tired of life (or a lot of sitting at the computer). If the eyes are missing eyelashes, this secretive man.

  Now two words about the shape of the eye:
  1. Round - is ingenuous and very kind people, they are sincere and friendly.
  2. Almond-shaped eyes - such people have a wide shower, these people dalnevidny and much achieve in life.
  3. Close-set eyes - a very purposeful and prudent. Quick-tempered - but bear grudges, like comfort.
  4. Deep-set eyes - a man discreet and secretive. Always on the lookout.

Well, now we come to the fun part!

  So, how to determine the sincerity of the interlocutor in the eyes during a conversation and find out what he really thinking? Is he lying to you an hour? In what direction directed his thoughts? And so, look at this picture:

know a person in the eyes

  It is the eyes, the eyes of your interlocutor. The interviewee, usually in the process of talking to you in your face constantly not looking, and sooner or later, to turn away from your eyes to the side. And your job is, in turn, constantly notice where he looks. And so, yedinichku leave for a snack, start with dvoechki, and a clockwise arrow.

  2. When a person looks up to the left - he recalls auditory images. In other words - sounds. This can be some song intonation of someone's speech. He turned on auditory memory.
  4. Visual images - it's visual memory. If a person looks to the left down, he remembers how something looks, He is trying to reproduce in their memory some visual image. For example: the color of his portfolio was the first in the school, and etc ..
  3. Kinesthetic imagery (right bottom), it's touching, feeling cold, heat, smell, taste.
  1. Not existing images - the man most likely telling the truth, or something invents.

  So you can learn a companion toward his eyes. This information is very useful not only in the life Plan order to split the interlocutor. But you also like to be ourselves easier to remember something, or think of something if You will look in the appropriate direction. For example: if you want to remember the smell of French perfume, then look to the right down, and if you want to come up with something that does not exist, or just tell a lie, it will be easier to do if you look right up.

  That's the think, that the useful information for you. Knowing these things will be easier to communicate with people in the business meeting for example. In addition, the guys will be easier to communicate with girls and girls with the guys. Go even to home page of our site, there for you much more interesting!

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